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Announcing Taxx Savage Academy!

For years we have provided high quality tax software and cutting edge marketing software but now we have partnered with former IRS agents and a couple of smart, sassy accountants with over 70 years combined experience to provide the certified tax law education course you’ve been asking for.

Who Has Thousands and Thousands of Dollars to Spend Learning How to Do Taxes?

Most people are still working hard at their day job just to survive. You need a better way to learn something new and build a business at the same time.

Welcome to the Tax Money Game

Did you know that the tax industry is a $258 billion dollar business and approximately 169 million people have to get their taxes completed each year? 56.8% use TAX PREPARERS like you to e-file their return.

Start Your New Business and Get Ready for the Next Tax Season NOW with More Than Just Tax Law Training

With our easy, self-paced tax preparation course. A tax school for real people. Most in the tax industry earn between $10,000-$50,000 within 3-4 months each season while working their normal job. Some earn $150,000-$200,000 and take the rest of the year off!

If you didn’t have the advantage of going to college and still need to provide for your family, or maybe you’re just looking for a lucrative side hustle then this is for you.

Taxx Savage Academy will help you navigate even the toughest IRS tax codes.

Don’t Leave $$$$$$ on the Table!

Why should you have to shell out thousands just so you can better serve your customers?

Maybe your customers have been asking if you do business returns…

Have you thought about that 1040 client of yours that has a Schedule C?

What about that customer who brought you a shoebox of receipts and isn’t very organized? 

This client has a corporation and files 1120, 1120’s or a 1065. Those customers can be yours, too.

Don’t miss out on corporate returns that you can charge double or even triple the amount you charge for a 1040 return.

The Problem with Tax Preparation…

Let’s face it, there are a bunch of tax preparation companies out there, as well as a gazillion independent tax preparers.

H&R Block is the most well-known, along with Jackson-Hewitt and other brands.

And that’s not even counting the independent tax preparers who have set up shop as a freelance business.

The one thing in common all these companies and individual preparers share is that they know how to plug and play numbers.

They know marketing and some know how to run a business.

Most tax preparers aren’t well-versed in this. But we can teach you how!

And if they work for a company like the above-mentioned ones, they either have to share the revenue with the company or get paid a measly hourly rate.

This is no way to maximize your tax prep skills and there’s a better way with Taxx Savage Academy.

We Are the in-House Gurus!

Don’t think for a moment this is a cut rate course, either!

Our course content easily stands up against the more expensive ones. In fact, it’s better. We understand the economy and not everyone has $699 to invest right now.

Folks still have to eat. We get it. But you're also building a recession-proof future for yourself and your family.

✅ Our courses are engaging

✅ Interesting

✅ Even funny at times

✅ Sure, it’s still taxes. But you’re not going to fall asleep with us. 

laughing business professionals


My overall experience has been awesome. The training mod1ules were great and very helpful.

- Angela B.

This year was a learning curve due to the new tax laws. This company helped me with complex returns. A wealth of knowledge. I’ll definitely will choose them again next year, and I highly recommend them.

- Christian Caures

More Benefits of Having Your Own Tax Preparation Business…

Many people have become tax preparers for a number of reasons:

They can work from the comfort of their home. No need for an outside office, if that’s your preference.

You’re your own boss. You answer to no one but your clients, make your own hours, and take off when you want.

If you do this full-time, you can work the first four months of the year and take the rest of the year off.

You no longer need to work for a big entity like H&R Block. You can set up your own business and keep 100% of the revenue

You can grow your business by hiring other preparers to work with you.

The Good News about Tax Preparation…

If you can read and use a calculator, you can become a tax preparer.

This Is a Recession-Proof Business

People will always need their taxes done despite any economic conditions that are going on.

This is currently a $258 billion dollar industry that will only continue to grow as the population grows.

And there is enough room for hundreds, if not thousands, more tax preparers.

The key to being successful— and to making a lot of money— is marketing and organization

We will give you the knowledge of tax preparation, marketing and a full suite CRM system because let’s face it, other tax schools are only going to teach you tax law and not real-world stuff like how to promote your business with out of the box marketing strategies.

Even better, we show you point by point how to fill out a 1040 tax form. And we have instructors standing by for all your needs. But if you need an answer even faster we provide a state of the art help desk powered by AI. Any question, any time. Our team poured the entire IRS database plus our own help desk articles into TaxxBot for a customized, expert experience.

The best part is that as long as you have access to the course, you have access to TaxxBot! So if you’re doing a tax return and get stuck, yep, login to TaxxBot for help.  


Academy Services


Our instructors are there for you! If you need help they are just an email away. We also have TaxxBot, our AI coach who can assist with any questions you may have.

Market Yourself

Unlike other tax schools, we teach you the whole game - how to get clients, how to interview them, how to be a successful business owner!


We don't drop you. We continue to hold your hand every step of the way. From when you first sign up until after you complete the course, we help you and provide encouragement. You CAN do this. We can help!

Online Course

Our courses are all online so you can attend from anywhere in the world.


We provide certification from Taxx Savage upon course completion! You will receive a beautiful certificate to display for your clients, post on your website, and put on your social media.


When you start with Taxx Savage Academy you will be part of a group of other interested students of taw law who are hungry for success - just like you!

New and Current Tax Preparers

Okay, so you’ve read everything to this point and it sounds great, but you want to know what you’re getting, right?

Taxx Academy Package Includes:

Module 1 - Tax Law Basics

Module 2 - How to Complete a 1040

Module 3 - Corporate Taxes and Forms

Module 4 - Basic and Advanced Marketing for Tax Professionals

Taxx Savage Software Training

Discounted Price for DIY Marketing Software

Marketing Software Training

Mobile App

TS Certification 

15% off continuing education credits that report directly to the IRS

Scope and Sequence

Module 1 - Tax Law Basics

Learn the basics of US tax law

10 Lessons

🗸 Tax Law Basic

🗸 How tax returns work

🗸 Industry standard language

6 Weeks

Module 2 - Completing a 1040 Tax Form

Learn how to complete a 1040

6 Lessons

🗸 Itemized and Standard Deductions + Schedule A

🗸 Non Refundable Tax Credits

🗸 Other Taxes

6 Weeks

Module 3 - Corporate Taxes and Forms

Learn about corporate taxes and forms

8 Lessons

🗸 Business forms and entities

🗸 Schedule C 

🗸 Standard corporate tax forms, such as 1120, 1120S, 1065,

🗸 and more

8-10 Weeks

Module 4 - Marketing for Tax Professionals

Learn basic and advanced marketing for tax professionals

8 Lessons

🗸 How to market yourself and your business

🗸 The basics of business advertising for tax preparers

🗸 Using 21st century technology to attract and monitor customers

4-6 Weeks

Social Media

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